My Teaching Philosophy

In my teaching, I try to understand what is going on in the lives of my students; and in turn, I try to help them realize that being able to express themselves musically is not only a path to discovering their respective passion, but also their lifetime purpose.   

My students study some of the most challenging subjects in academia, and yet they choose to add to their academic work load by studying piano music. Why? Performing piano music guides and hones their purpose emotionally, whether its Mechanical and Aerospace engineering or Bioengineering and Veterinary Science.  I help them realize this budding insight, and guide them towards a practice of art that perpetually invites self-confidence and motivation into their lives. 

This path demands excellence of practice and spontaneity for creativity, but also the openness to mutually share and teach without the undue burden of judgement. The natural consequence of this effort is joy.  

Dr. Olga Kleiankina


Student Comments

“Dr. Kleiankina is an incredibly thorough piano teacher who gives useful feedback on everything from minute nuance markings on the score and technical issues to large-scale structure of pieces–creating a cohesive story that engrosses the listener. Over the four years I studied with her, my piano technique and musical abilities improved by leaps and bounds. While her talents as a performer and a teacher are quite impressive, for me it was her dedication that made the greatest impact.  

To me, she was not only a teacher but also an adviser and friend. My piano performance minor at NC State was one of the most impactful and memorable parts of my education, and that was largely thanks to Dr. Kleiankina. I would strongly recommend passionate piano students to study with her if they can get the opportunity!”

(Gautam Nagaraj, currently a Ph.D. student in Astrophysics) 


ZOOM Instructions for University Music Performance Instructors